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Camilla sketch by luigiix
Camilla sketch
Commission for :iconblue-and-dog:
She asked me to do a sketch of her StarFox OC Camilla Valentia :)

Camilla is the third-generation leader of the Valentia Group, Lylat's oldest organized crime syndicate.  After the death of her father at the hands of the Triad, Camilla took over at the age of twenty-one, and after five years continues to have fiercely loyal troops and business partners.  As intimidating as she is, she's only a threat to someone if they do something to cross her...such as, oh, getting into an all-out dogfight in her territory.  Or interrupting business.  You know what? Just keep your distance.

Camilla requires a walking stick the majority of the time due to weakness in her legs, an issue she's had since birth.  She's made up for this lack of mobility with her keen sharpshooting--and her bloodthirsty bodyguard.

Camilla is childhood friends with Wolf O'Donnell, whose father acted as Don Marcello's muscle.  Camilla is one of Wolf's highest-paying clients, and when she comes calling, he knows it's something big, illegal, and fun.

Character belongs to Blue-and-Dog
Art by luigiix
Salazar vs. Ki'Botumba by luigiix
Salazar vs. Ki'Botumba
Commission for :iconlizardman234:
He asked me to do a fighting scene with his two characters Salazar and Ki as if it was a fighting game screenshot :)
I've never done something like this before so it was a nice experiment! Hope you like it! :D

Characters belong to lizardman234
Art by :devluiigix:
Fantasy Puzzle Complete by luigiix
Fantasy Puzzle Complete
Here it is at last, the complete roster of the fantasy puzzle commission for fiel7d
So who is your favorite? :D

Ela: Cocky, not serious but not too lighthearted, she's like an everyday teenage girl, with a sword.
Myst: She's calm and serious, in a mystic kind of way, insightfull and always submerged in her toughts, has a strange bond with nature and claims she can commusnicate with it.
Lumarya Luna: She's the most lighthearted of them all, she laughs at everything and is always happy and cheerfull to a point shes considered very annoying by the other girls. 
Emerald Fire: Shes extremely agressive demeanor, treats everyone like a toy but she's also quite friendly, and normaly is happy and confident of herself adn her race traits.
Myrai: She's an asshole, rude and always thinking only of herself, her way of talking is rather rough for a girl her age.
Mirror Blade: She takes her job too seriously,  behaves mostly like a taciturn teenage girl.
Spyra: The most serious of the group, she never speaks and her demeanor is almost ghost-like.
Lyn Ly: She's often serious, but not all the time, she's calm bue let out a laugh or two once iin a while,  has a deep voice.
Ny Lyn: Unlike Lyn, she's quite mischievious, always seems to be ploting some joke at someone, submerged in her own chuckle.
Agni: She's the embodiment of nobility, she seeks honor above everything else. Always ready for battle. She's not very "girly" in her behavior, and is often molested because of that.
Tempest: She's quite obsessed with jewerly and shiny objects, she' like those models you see walking with grace and elegance. Has a sexy french accent.
Kyla Ty: She's always happy, and likes to party and get everyone else in trouble. She's a bit crazy and flirtuous.
Amari: She's extremely serious, but not in a way you could't talk to her, she only speaks when she needs to and has a rather cute voice for her atttude.

Art and character design by luigiix
Fantasy Puzzle: Amari by luigiix
Fantasy Puzzle: Amari
Final part of fantasy puzzle commission for fiel7d
For this design i was asked to create a fusion of all the characters from the last grand puzzle.
Art and character design by luigiix


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  • Mood: Worried
I need to get this off my chest.
OKAY... A new Silent Hill game by Hideo kojima, Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus? Well fuck me, that is one weird combination. At this rate i am not surprised by the involvment of random individuals, what is surprising though is that Silent Hill is still alive after too many horrendous games and less than stellar sales. Now, i am not thrilled by Kojima's involvment since he's been calling out for a new SH for a while, Del Toro is kind of a bogus since his films arent bad but not that good eihter. Reedus though, why? Why the fuck? the guy from the Walking Dead, are you serious? Pfft Konami is so random. They keep bastardizing the games that i used to love so much. Who's next? Danny Elfman as composer? Now that would be disastrous. 
Gotta say though after watching the demo i was surprised at how good it actually looks. After all, it can't be worse than Homecoming or Downpour, can it?
I'm kinda optimistic now, but won't get my hopes too high. At any rate it seems that it's time for me to get a PS4, apparently this one is exclusive and even if it turns out bad, i'll still have Bloodborne, which looks incredible.
Sorry if i seem bitter but i can't really trust Konami after all the stupid decisions they've made lately. 
What? you guys didn't know that i'm a huge Silent Hill fan too?

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